Venice was founded in the early 1900’s by a tobacco millionaire, Abbot Kinney.

Welcome to Venice

Attracting surf and skate culture, Venice is home to the city’s eccentric residents.

With ocean exposure, a boardwalk that stretches over two miles, an endless parade of street performers, and classic Californian architecture, Venice is among the city’s hottest neighborhoods.
Venice was founded in the early 1900s by a tobacco millionaire, Abbot Kinney. The area was originally a beach resort set on two miles of oceanfront property. It was an independent city until 1926 when it merged with Los Angeles. The famous canals were Abbot Kinney’s attempt to replicate the famous canals of Venice, Italy here in California.

The Neighbors

Surfers, skaters, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Venice has continuously brought in artists, restaurateurs, and designers, making the area a hub for creative and innovative space.

What to Expect

Warm coastal climates paired with beachside and boardwalk activities.

Venice locals enjoy the town’s creative atmosphere, tasty food, and of course, the shoreline. With perhaps the best waves on the southern California coast, Venice beaches draw ocean enthusiasts from every corner of the city.

The Lifestyle

Hip, hyperlocal, and beach-driven.

Venice’s reputation as a laid-back beach town is well-deserved.
Venice’s reputation as stylish and cool is well complemented by many fashion boutiques, with local food and coffee shops throughout the town - places like Gjelina, Salt and Straw, and Blue Bottle Coffee have many enthusiasts.

Unexpected Appeal

Secluded side streets.

While the beach and boardwalk see their share of crowds, its residential streets sometimes provide a quiet respite.

The Market

A varied mix of newly developed apartment buildings and modern homes.

Homes in Venice are predominantly modern and beautifully designed. The lots tend to be smaller compared with other LA neighborhoods, spiking the beach town vibe with a surprisingly urban feel.

You'll Fall in Love With

The dynamic nature of this metropolitan’s surf outlet. 

Offering a variety of beauty from the architecture, close-knit community, and unique geography, it is known to be one of LA’s top beach communities.

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