Malibu is home to LA's most beautiful beaches and stunning home getaways!

Welcome to Malibu

Cliffside homes, beaches, and impressive views define Malibu. 

Home to celebrities, and entertainment tycoons, the serene sunny area is a prime refuge. 
Malibu owes its name to the Chumash, Native Americans who originally settled there and named it Humaliwo, which means "the surf sounds loudly.” The area was highly secluded until 1929 when the Pacific Coast Highway was built. Now Malibu is a thoroughfare for many vacationers driving up and down the California coast, and a highly revered destination for Los Angeles locals.

The Neighbors

Privacy-seekers and beach-lovers.

Despite Highway 1 running through Malibu, its oceanfront homes maintain a distinct sense of privacy.

What to Expect

Secluded beaches, charming restaurants, and optimal weather.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Bu, Malibu’s residents, surfers, and day trippers enjoy all the aspects it has to offer. Activities like jogging along the beach, hiking the canyons, and enjoying fresh seafood along the coast are examples of the diverse opportunities available. Its cliffs, coves, and beautiful ocean attract people from all over.

The Lifestyle

Serene, healthful, and beach-centric.

Taking advantage of the array of recreational activities available, Malibu residents enjoy the clear blue skies and private beaches while prioritizing their health and fitness.

Unexpected Appeal

Quiet, undisturbed evenings.

Attracting most of its attention during the day, Malibu at night offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

The Market

Serene, beachfront oases.

With sought-after ocean views and expansive floor plans, Malibu's oceanfront homes command a premium price.

You'll Fall in Love With

Coastal views, fresh seafood, and azure shoreline.

Malibu features some of California’s most idyllic coastline, upscale retail, and delicious seafood, from healthy daily catches at Malibu Farm to crispy Neptune’s Net takeaway. The neighborhood’s pristine beaches are famed for a reason, representing some of California’s most stunning scenery.

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