Beverly Hills

Most built on flat land and unofficially divided into North and South by Santa Monica Boulevard.

Welcome to Beverly Hills

Known for its historical and grandiose style of living, Beverly Hills is the epicenter of luxury living on the West Coast.

The capital of luxury retail, Rodeo Drive is a main attraction for the city of Los Angeles. Also known for some of the best restaurants in the country, this area is a hub for work and play.
After a failed attempt to find oil on the land in the early 1900s, present-day Beverly Hills was subdivided into lots. It wasn’t long before the city would contain one of the most famous zip codes in the world, attracting the town’s most elite actors, actresses, and businessmen. Despite its name, Beverly Hills is mostly built on flat land and unofficially divided into North and South by Santa Monica Boulevard.

The Neighbors

Entertainers, producers, and influencers.

Located close to the studios in Hollywood, the 90210 zip code attracts the entertainment industry's high-profile clients. Houses are often tucked away behind large gates, providing privacy for the occupants.

What to Expect

Beautiful cars, luxurious homes, and alluring scenery.

Anchored by Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills is home to chic fashion and classic cars. Being a mecca for classic automobile enthusiasts and their perfectly-kept vintage cars, it’s a spectacle to watch and be part of the experience.

The Lifestyle

Classy luxury and prestige.

Beverly Hills is polished and elegant. From fine dining to design retail, the residents have access to the very best.

Unexpected Appeal

Streets lined with greenery, surrounded by the hills.

Complementing its boulevards of retail and residences, the neighborhood boasts beautiful foliage and public green spaces including Beverly Gardens Park.

The Market

Expansive homes within exclusive enclaves.

Grand estates on manicured lots abound in Beverly Hills. Many homes feature gating and protected grounds for greater privacy.

You'll Fall in Love With

Beauty and grandiosity around every corner.

With beauty on every corner, this neighborhood is filled with Hollywood history and storied landmarks. From the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel to Greystone Mansion, the neighborhood is visually stunning.

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